Businesses without storefronts don’t qualify for lockdown relief

According to CBC News, some small business owners are being left out of Manitoba’s financial relief program.

The article by Marina von Stackelberg says Joel Boily and Cheryl Mains applied for the Manitoba Bridge grant to offset the losses at their photography company, which is their main source of income.

Despite the province ordering them to stop photo shoots once code red restrictions hit, they say they were denied the grant because they don’t have a storefront.

The grant offers $5,000 to small to mid-size businesses forced to cease operations because of public health restrictions.

Other companies in the events industry, such as florists, and entertainers have said they were also denied the relief, according to the article.

The article also says premier Brian Pallister noted his government is looking to expand the program to include businesses without storefronts.

Manitoba finance minister Scott Fielding said some of those companies can qualify for federal assistance in the meantime.

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