EDP Winnipeg Success Story – Margaret Marshall

Margaret Marshall has always had a passion for helping people make positive changes and realize their full potential.

A few years ago she was working a traditional day job helping people but found the physical demands of the day to day tasks challenging.

“I realized not too long after that life coaching would help me celebrate my gifts and accommodate my limitations,” Margaret said. “Having my own business allows me to make a difference and maintain a good quality life of my own.”

With the help of Equal Opportunities West’s Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program, Margaret created Winning with Wellness life coaching, and now specializes in helping women aged 18 or older achieve their goals in many different areas of their lives.

“I chose Winning with Wellness because my clients win when they achieve a wellness goal,” Margaret says. “Wellness isn’t just physical, it can also be financial, emotional, relational and intellectual. I assist my clients in setting and achieving realistic goals.”

Visit winningwithwellness.ca for more information on Margaret’s business!

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