Manitoba opening Bridge Grant to more applicants

Banner stating the bridge grant is now open to new applicants

The Manitoba government is reopening the Manitoba Bridge Grant program and will now provide support for seasonal businesses and new applicants affected by the current public health orders.

“We want to ensure this program includes new businesses or seasonal operations who could not apply for previous rounds of the Manitoba Bridge Grant so they have an opportunity to receive provincial government support.” said Finance Minister Scott Fielding in a news release issued on Tuesday.

Fielding also estimated that nearly 1,000 businesses that did not previously apply may be eligible for the grant. $5,000 is available for storefront businesses and home-based businesses can also receive up to $5,000 based on 10 percent of their most recent calendar year revenues.

For businesses that offer prepared food services the province also announced that it is extending the $2,000 food waste top-up to new applicants and previous grant recipients. New applicants would receive a $5,000 grant plus a $2,000 top-up but would not be eligible to receive retroactive payments for previous rounds of the program.

So far the Manitoba Bridge Grant has provided more than $291 million to over 15,000 enterprises, not-for-profits and registered charities affected by the current public health orders.

To find out if your business qualifies for the Manitoba Bridge Grant, visit the province’s website.

The deadline for new applications is July 16, 2021.